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Re: Why get rid of protective rust?

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Posted by Weezbo on November 07, 2006 at 12:41:57:

In Reply to: Re: Why get rid of protective rust? posted by HeatPro on November 07, 2006 at 09:00:58:

Thank you .*~/:) my buddy wants to keep these rads and he flushed the system prior to the remodel....during construction they were placed outdoors,it is extremely dry here in summer and he is concerned that though they were very clean..... however,... he is looking to reinstall them to last another 100 years,....we have installed some wall heating and floor warming to "distribute the BTU's" making this system slightly different than the previous gravity system.

the original boiler is a museum piece as are the expansion tank controls coal screw etc. the new heat plant is a large oilfired Viessmann the rads will have individual returns and trv's he is really into this restoration as it is a B&B/museum with some rather spendy upgrades to "old time" cast fixtures and faucets...

he has strainers on the system that ought to catch the majority of stuff over the coming years...he is my buddy and is getting older and i know he wants the best out of the rads and circs and boiler over the coming years.... my thought was Calling Rhomar , hot tanking them re furbishing them inside and out after a trip to the sand blasters,....being the youngster i didn't know if there was some better method or chemicals that have been introduced to the market...

it was a balmy 24 below a couple days ago and he dosent really want to lagg too much on this ,... i will run it by him i basically said well just flush them out with water he is thinking "i want to get rid of the rust" what little rust there is in there wont bother the system, "not until it falls out of suspension and fricks up the impellers in my circs"....what to do what to do....

acid wash can cause leakers...buh if you ever took the rads apart you would see it is more of an indicator than a cause...

my other thought was, well, we are using slightly superior pressure control of the system & ....gravity system temps used were signifigantly higher"....

he has burried more rads in his bone yard in the back of his shop than i have repaired and installed...on old steam and gravity...he is not an easy sell for flushing them out with water:(

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