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New Residential Boiler

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Posted by Bob on October 18, 2006 at 10:12:32:

I am in the process of replacing an ancient (30+ years)gas-fired boiler. I have only gone to my regular plumber to get a price quote at this point in time. Let me say that we have been happy with the service we have received from our plumber over the years. That being said, I am a bit anxious about the price quote he has given me - I feel that I may be getting taken advantage of. I am asking these questions to get educated and feel more comfortable and in tune with the financial decision I have to make. The decision also plays into developing a relationship with a new plumber.

The boiler is a Weil-McLean CG6. His quote is for $4800 - fully installed. (I saw the same boiler advertised on-line for less than $2k - I understand that unless a professional installs it that it voids all factory warranties, etc.) By the way the heating system has 3 heating zones (I believe he plans on using the circulators form my current system as we just replaced them within the last 2 years).

Does this price seem out of line - I am located in the Philadelphia area?

Second question deals with the model of boiler itself. The model my plumber is quoting is not one of the "high efficiency" models (Ultra series or the Gold GV series). Even though they will likely be more expensive, should I be asking for a quote on one of these models?

Third question, he has also thrown out a Crown boiler as a "cheaper" ($4300)option - the Aruba AWI162 model. This boiler while having a lower cash outlay is alos less efficinet than the WM quoted and is ~$700 cheaper on-line. Should I consider this as a true option?

Thanks for your help and education.

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