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zoning quesiton

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Posted by Mark Freilich on August 02, 2006 at 13:23:51:

I am providing individual lines to each room in my three family hose, to be connected to three gas hot water boilers. I live on first floor and will own house for next 25 years.

There is a vertical space where the cold and hot water risers run through up to the third floor. I was thinking about connecting about 8 feet of slantfin in series with my bathroom radiator ansd put this slantfin vertically in that space to provide heat to the risers during a deep freeze.

My concern is also with the branches, which comprise of old 1/2" brass piping behind uninsulated walls and under floors in the 2nd and 3rd story bathrooms.

Of concern to me is the regulation of the heat in the bathrooms by the 2nd and 3rd floor tenants during a deep freeze. What should I do about this? should I run a series line from my radiator upstairs to their radiators and then loop back to the basement, and control the temperatures of the bathrooms through a thermostat in my bathroom, specifically to crank up the heat during a deep freeze 24 hours a day. Are there any other solutions to this problem. I remember a few years ago during a deep freeze, the temperature in my bathroom dropped down to 50 degrees and my shower pipes froze and I had to put an electric heater in the bathroom to thaw it out.

Would the heat in that vertical space heating the risers also heat the branches that run 10 linear feet away behind an uninsulated wall?

I'd appreciate suggestions. thanks.

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