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Violent Banging/Water Refill

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Posted by Scott on January 18, 2006 at 18:46:38:

We recently replaced our 20+ year old oil boiler (single pipe steam) with a comparable weil mclein model (114,000 btus).

At various points in the day it sounds like someone is taking a sledgehammer to a section of pipe about 4' from the boiler. The closest radiator is around 20' from the boiler. We've had banging radiators for ages and are used to that sound. That's nothing compared to this. This is really very frightening. You'd swear that the pipes are going to explode. Our neighbors across the street can hear this banging. That's how loud it is.

The worst part of the problem is that not only does it occur at completely random times, the problem comes and goes- for, say three days, we'll have little banging and then BANG, the awful din returns. Without being able to re-create the problem on command, our boiler repairman can't solve the issue.

It seems to get worse when we add water to the system (oxygen in the water?). Speaking of adding water to the system, it's giving us a low water cutoff every 4-5 days. I've scoured the house to find leaks in the steam pipe and can't find a thing. No visible signs/stains or sounds of steam escaping. Should a brand new boiler be losing THAT much water?

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