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Re: Spirovent placement

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Posted by Heatpro on December 08, 2005 at 12:51:21:

In Reply to: Spirovent placement posted by Dave on December 08, 2005 at 12:33:55:

: 1.have him attach the 2" pipe that brings water back to the boiler directly to the buffer tank (no tee). Obviously, this would be reduced to 1.5 at tap for buffer tank.
: 2. Then there would be a tee attached to the makeup water valve.
: 3. 12" beyond that makeup water valve would be the 2" Spirovent attached to expansion tank.
: 4. Shortly after the Sprirovent (6-12"), the supply manifold would tee into the 2" pipe.
: Does that all sound ok? I realize it may be redundant with the other air vents, but he is insisting.
+++I can't 'see' what the above means. It seems all disconnected from what was said before.

He is involved in the 'magic' of an air scoop and can't separate his past from the 'magic' of an air scoop and vent in a particular place. The idea of a 60-gallon tank being a bigger air scoop than a 1-foot long by 6-inch bump in the pipe doesn't 'hit' him, so he has to have the magic. If that is required to keep him happy and you don't want to offend hiom, then buy it. It doesn't matter whether the Spirovent air-separating vessel is in any particular place in the system or kept in the box, it;s function is to keep him happy. However, I wouldn't change the piping arrangement around to create a problem with moving the water to make him happy with an expensive decoration.

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