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Re: Phase III with Ergomax

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Posted by Dave on December 07, 2005 at 12:58:06:

In Reply to: Re: Phase III with Ergomax posted by Heatpro on December 07, 2005 at 12:03:31:

: Also, a quality air vent at the top of the vertical zone distribution manifold is the stillest part of the system at times, so gathering air bubbles in a cap at the top would suffice.
+++Perfect we already have one there.
I would like to do one final walkthrough and then I will hopefully be out of your hair.

1.Taco 0010 pump pumps water into inlet of boiler. I was also going to isolate pump with a shutoff valve above it and a 2" globe valve between pump and boiler inlet for possible modulation of flow.
2. Water flows though boiler past flow switch and then out toward buffer tank in 2" line. It then meets a 2" checkvalve. I believe you recommended a swing check). next, it tees in a 1.5" tee to the water coming from the return manifold before entering the Ergomax E65 tank with a 1.5" tap.
3. Water flows through buffer tank and then out of tank through 1.5" tap, increasing in size to 2" pipe. It then meets 2" Spirovent and expansion tank. A foot or so after the Spirovent, the 2" pipe tees into the 1.5" supply manifold pipe before returning to the Taco pump.
Both supply and return manifolds would remain completely the same.
The only checkvalve added to the system besides the ones already attached to the individual zone pumps would be the swingcheck on the pipe to the buffer tank.
Did I FINALLY get everything?

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