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help choosing a boiler

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Posted by Stacy Mitchell on April 12, 2004 at 14:27:54:

I live in Maine. I have 3600 s.f. apartment building that used about 2000 gallons of heating oil last year. The 20+ year old Peerless Boiler died (cracked) a few days ago.

Contractors all seem to have a different ideas about what to replace it with. One said get a NY Thermal boiler, described as a knock-off of Buderus, that would save perhaps 30% on oil. Priced at $6000 with a Reillo burner. Also includes some sort of outside sensing device.

Another said this low water content boiler would not have enough water to flow through all our baseboards, causing the boiler to cycle on and off all the time, reducing its lifespan. He recommended a Peerless at $5200 with Reillo burner, and an estimated 20% savings on oil. This would include a coil to supplement my gas hot water heater (The current boiler has this coil, but first contractor said that it was probably not doing much at its advanced age and proposed that we consider expanding the NY Thermal boiler to accomodate an indirect water heater in the future).

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm very concerned about efficiency and willing to pay more if that makes sense over the long haul. What about cold firing? Right now my boiler runs all summer to provide the supplement to the hot water heater. This seems very wasteful.

Thanks to anyone with any guidance.

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