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Re: Peerles JOT W/Beckett AF

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Posted by Stamato on December 17, 2007 at 11:32:01:

In Reply to: Re: Peerles JOT W/Beckett AF posted by HeatPro on December 17, 2007 at 09:52:23:

Yes I fugured everyone would see the double post but I just did not get complete answers on the other forum. Mostly told to hire a pro.

I figured it was worth another shot over here. Anyway I do respect everyones opinion as I know it is a priviledge to get a response at all. I know no one is obligated to answer these plees for help.

Anyone know a good pro in central Jersey? Last guy refered by the local Sid Harvey was not as I expected. I Know they are around I just do not want to do too much trial and error finding one. I cannot try them for free and would like to know who is qualified before I call them. Considering the condition the unit was in when Purchased I have not gone back on a service plan (PETRO) and do not buy oil from them either. They won't sell oil to non contracts anyway. Should I have a contract? Or am I asking for trouble. I wish I was like everyone else who didn't analyze things so damn much. My neighbor is on a contract and had his cleaned in the past two weeks. He is on circulated water and I cannot see through the whole length of his sight glass. I asked him what the tech did. He said serviced it and cleaned it. After a few seconds of "that blank stare" I stopped trying to educate him about the dirty water.

Anyway I had assumed that I what you said about the TSP weekening the walls was why but actually wanted to here it from a pro. Also I had assumed that I could skim from anywhere as long as it was from near the top.

"Short circuit the labs" and "asking sales reps". I am not quite sure I understand what you mean.

About the Burner. From other stuff I read I was under the impression that the AF burner does not create enouogh static pressure to prevent soot. I don't even know it the AFG or like High retention burners were available then. If I curently have a the correct burner I will continue to burn with it and just have a good tech tune it. But If a high retention will all but eliminate the soot (don't know if this is wishfull thinking) I would go that route. And have a pro tune it.

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