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Re: Peerles JOT W/Beckett AF

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Posted by HeatPro on December 17, 2007 at 09:52:23:

In Reply to: Peerles JOT W/Beckett AF posted by Stamato on December 17, 2007 at 09:22:02:

I like checking out the 'experts' on other sites as well. Might come across different opinions, even get answers:

Basically, you want to short-circuit the Beckett, Riello, and other burner manufacturer research lab process of trying out burners in the lab to see which goes best with what - as if a brand name will make any boiler work well. The JOT came with a tested burner. The answer is to use that burner refurbished to new factory specs with combustion test instruments to tweak it as best can be done dependably. Soot is a sign it has not been tuned (nor cleaned.)

Chemicals to remove sludge, which is a combination of dirt brought in with fresh water and rust, proves there is a rusting process, so using chemicals to remove hardened sludge also removes layers of rust, sometime in the weakest locations near push nipples or casting bubbles. It is always a risk to remove the protective layer of oxidized metal that prevents further internal corrosion.

If there is no skim port at the boiler water, some manufacturers, might recommend taking off the relief valve, cracking the feed so a very slow water stream fills the boiler as the burner runs so the floating oils at the top flow outward to a drain. Draining from the bottom often just deposits the oils on the sides to float to the top at the next fill.

Much more detail from people who've actually done this stuff instead of asking sales reps who've researched it to write magazine articles about it.

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