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Weil-McLain Gold Boiler GV4

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Posted by Tammie Keith on December 09, 2007 at 23:45:11:

We have a Weil-McLain Gold Boiler GV4 that was purchased and installed in Oct. 1992; however, just recently it has begun to short cycle intermittently. A rundown is as follows... The psi is 10-12 and the water temp gauge shows anywhere from 120 to 140 degrees farenheit. Sometimes only two radiators would be warm and the rest cooler- two of the upstairs and one on main floor were the warmer while 1 upstairs and 2 main floor were cold. There was no air in the radiators. The pressure switch (1.4) was replaced two years ago. Currently, only one of the hoses (the red one) is not hooked up to it because it starts to short cycle again. When our repairman was here a couple of weeks ago, he believed that the crinkle hose was filled with gunk; yet, he was surprised that there was very little. He suggests putting in a bypass pipe to keep from shocking the system and to keep boiler from peeling(this wasn't done initially and we continue to get different opinions on this- one place says don't need it for this system and our repairman says we do). His ultimate suggestion is a new boiler. Prior to us calling the repairman, we oiled the circulation pump (LR-20BF which apparently is obsolete but according to ITT there is a new/replacement pump) after it made a horrendous noise. It is oiled like clock work every 6 mos and it had a little while longer to go. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! We need some sort of help to get this figured out.

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