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Steam boiler replacement and hot water unit

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Posted by steve on November 29, 2007 at 04:09:12:

I am looking at replacing a very old coal converted to oil unit. It is a Burnham, I believe the Swasteeka model as it has the swastika on the top front. I also need to replace a natural gas hot water tank. I am helping a family member who is working with a GC they like, but is having trouble weighing all the options with the GC. The boiler was never replaced due to the complications of replacement but is now being replaced as part of a larger home improvement. The boiler is cracked but was operating like that. A low water cutoff was added for safety.

What kind of documentation supporting the new units fit to my home can I expect from a contractor before a boiler is replaced?

There is also some chance for additions or replacements of some radiators. How will a small change like that alter whether a boiler is correctly sized?

- proper sizing of the new boiler how to be sure this is done right and accounts for the required variables. The current boiler is not operational so the system lag time cannot be measured. How can one account for this in such a situation? How do I know if the boiler feeder system is being sized and done correctly?
- gas versus oil I have an old in ground 1000 gallon tank. The tank is a major concern of mine. Are there liners that can be sprayed into the tank or are the only options replacement or abandonment and then a new smaller tank? It sound as if oil is cheaper, particularly for a steam system and the prospect of bioheat is tempting. I am also open to conversion to gas or even dual fuel if there is enough incentive.
- asbestos the boiler is asbestos covered and so that must go. Do I keep the asbestos wrapped steam pipes or replace that with fiberglass? Is the fiberglass less of an insulator than the asbestos?
- hot water what is the current thinking on this with a steam system? What are the options and what parameters determine which the choice to go with?
- boiler manufacturer I understand the megasteam is currently the most efficient. What other options are good? Any reason to choose something else over the megasteam. Clearly the Burnham in the house has lasted a long time. [A boiler guy claimed it was actually from a ship and reinstalled in the house. No idea is that is valid.]

Thanks in advance for any help as I am trying to help someone else who is quite overwhelmed by this boiler replacement.

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