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steam stumper?

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Posted by Anthony DePinto on November 05, 2007 at 22:48:07:

I have a residential dunkirk steam boiler which is about 16 years old. My problem is that the boiler will run for about 40 minutes, then the low water cut out will kick on (even though the boiler has the proper amount of water). This will trigger the automatic feeder to add water (thus flooding the boiler). I disconnected the automatic feeder to prevent the flooding.However, with the feeder disconnected, the boiler still shuts off after 40 minutes (signalling low water), as soon as the boiler shuts off, the low water "light" goes off and the boiler starts up again (after a 30 secound delay). As soon as the boiler turns back on, the boiler kicks off (again, signalling low water) This on again/off again cycle continues (which prevcents steam from getting up to the secound floor because the water doesn't stay boiling long enough) So far I replaced the low water cut off controls (It had a old hydro level safgard model 24 td which I replaced with the current hydrolevel 400 series). The new low water cut controls with a new sensor made no differance. I also tried "jumping" the high pressure cut and the boiler still acted the same. I can't think of anything else that would cause this except a possible air bubble near the low water level sensor. although I not 100% how to get rid of the air bubble if that is true cause. I will also assume that the boiler is clean being that I must have filled and drained the boiler at least 6 times during my trouble shooting process. I read somewhere on line that the boiler may have narrow channels which could cause this problem. although i'm not sure exactly how this would cause the problem nor how to fix it. I am welcome to all suggestions and thank you

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