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Re: setting water level in steam boiler

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Posted by charlie on November 01, 2007 at 10:26:22:

In Reply to: Re: setting water level in steam boiler posted by Boiler Guy on November 01, 2007 at 09:57:37:

It's controlled by a McDonnell No.101 Electric Water Valve. The reason I changed these knobs (the ones on the top and bottom of the glass column) is that they were the only valves I saw on the system. I took some more pics that might clarify things some if I'm not describing it right
For the knobs I changed, what is the normal setting for those, and then how to I get the system level set?
Thanks again,
: Unless I am reading & looking at this wrong are you saying you used the isolation valves on the gage glass to try to adjust water level? If so you are not adjusting the water level at all, only contorting the apparent water level in the gage glass. Where is / what kind of water level control is the boiler supplied with and where are it's connections to the boiler?

: : I am trying to get the water level set in my steam boiler. The level was getting too high, system was flooding, and I started playing with the knobs (shown in this picture: http://www.stabilimenta.com/ebaypics/balancing.jpg). The bottom knob leaks unless it is all the way open or closed. So I set it fully open. Then I adjusted the top until I was able to get some of the water out of the system without the automatic feed kicking on. It's now about an inch from the bottom of the glass tube. It seems to be working, but I'd like some idea of how this is SUPPOSED to be done! Thank you, thank you.

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