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Re: Utica Boiler and noise problem

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Posted by HeatPro on September 20, 2007 at 14:03:46:

In Reply to: Utica Boiler and noise problem posted by Philip Spencer on September 19, 2007 at 13:10:53:

A derating kit is a smaller oil nozzle to provide less input, so the water doesn't boil inside from overheating too fast. If the 'derating kit' is a factory recommended group of parts, then the situation will get somewhat better. If not, you then have a 'fix' that isn't recommended.

It is a round-about way for the installer to mention that the input of the boiler is too much for the radiation you have, and/or the water flow is too low.

It isn't surprising to find the results you are hearing when an installer doesn't do a heat estimate and check the output required, either because he doesn't know how nor doesn't care. It may be a result of getting a new boiler that is much larger input than required because the new owner 'didn't want the boiler too work too hard', or he won the contest by having 'something bigger than the Jones's', or 'the supplier happened to have a bigger boiler available for a good price', or 'it was in stock and could be had quickly', or the house from the curb was covered by so many fingers.

No boiler manufacturer makes a boiler that sounds as yours does at peril of going out of business.

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