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new noise in boiler/circulation pump

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Posted by matt on January 25, 2007 at 13:20:12:

I have an older (20 year +-) Burnham oil fired boiler which I recently had serviced. The model number on the plate is V-14A-T. It is operating fine but the technician who came to do the tuneup said it was not set up properly with the Taco 007-F4 circulation pump being on the "wrong" side, pulling rather than pushing. He did a routine tune up on the boiler and added make up water in the system. There are only two zones in the house one of which is in the garage. He increased the pressure in the system to 23 psi. Previously it had been 14 psi. After he left, I noticed a sound I had not heard before. After a week of trying to figure it out and calling back the repairman he didn't know what it was either. The sound appears to be coming from within the boiler and is akin to a toilet running. The sound gets transferred throughout the hot water baseboard and I can hear it faintly all the way to the back bedrooms. It goes away when I turn off the circulation pump switch. The repairman said my circulation pump is wired to be constantly running, which seemed odd to me but he said, although not ideal is ok as the pumps can run continuously. He said it's just coincidence that this new sound started right after he tuned up the boiler. I'm wondering if it's an indication that the Taco 007-F4 may be going out? The sound doesn't appear to be emanating from the pump itself. Does anybody out there have experience with this? Thanks.

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