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Re: taco 702 settings

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Posted by Ronald G. Scalzo on January 09, 2007 at 18:09:47:

In Reply to: Re: taco 702 settings posted by HeatPro on January 07, 2007 at 22:10:39:


Thank you for prompt reply. The initial reason the room was at 67 and had to heat to 71 was because the boiler was off all day while they installed the Taco.

However, I think I know why you asked that question. My guess it has to do with SETBACK. Now I understand that some people don't believe in setback with an outdoor reset, correct? I guess all my life I have been using setback so its hard to break old habits. I have reduced my setback as follows. Overnight is 66, daytime is 68 and evening is 71 degrees.

Lastly, I have a catch 22 problem since installing the Taco reset that I didn't anticipate. My master bath has a 15' vault with skylight. To heat that room properly for showering purposes I had to install a larger toester hydronic kickspace heater, 8' of baseboard and I also put it on a separate zone. It used to heat 1 degree every 3 minutes.

We keep the door closed overnight and program the stat for 73 degrees by 7am. However, if I keep the water temp settings too low then the room doesn't get up to temp by 7am.

I guess there is a way to resolve this, but I would like to keep the baseboard water as efficient as possible. Just experiment with an earlier time so the room reaches temp by 7am.

Lastly, what settings would you use on the taco to be most efficient and would you use setback at all? Maybe 1 degree increments? Seems like I should save more fuel with setback. Thanks...

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