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Re: replacing an old steam boiler

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Posted by HeatPro on November 06, 2006 at 08:53:25:

In Reply to: replacing an old steam boiler posted by N E Random on November 04, 2006 at 14:09:43:

Boilers before 1970 weren't very efficient. Many tested in the 70% range. People were concerned with the combustion efficiency and could get 80%, the losses from the jacket and up the chimnney made them less efficient. Steam systems are inherently less efficient than water systems because they must reach 212F boiling every time the heat is called for and then throw the heat away sitting there until the next call. (Tankless coils made some use of that heat.) Boilers had no AFUE efficiency ratings because the testing wasn't begun til after.

All steam boilers have to be at least 78% AFUE efficient to be sold. The efficiency ratings are on the literature for each boiler and many are in the 85% range.

Not all boilers are in the same house at the same basement depth, piping arrangements at the same size, with or without asbestos, so removal varies. Some boilers must have tank accessories. Therefore the prices are what the three contractor/estimators you call give you. Prices can range from 5 to $15000, depending on what you need done.

Call all the local plumbing/heating suppliers. They probably have the brands you will get. The suppliers carry them because they are the ones the plumbers trust, know and prefer. Not much use in getting the one that the Internet Guessing Guru across the country likes because there may not be parts and people who know it in your area.

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