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?'s about Grav + Forced system

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Posted by Grant Bennett on October 16, 2006 at 16:35:18:

I recently purchased an old farmhouse built 1911. Basically it was an open tank system using cast iron rads and a coal fueled boiler. At some point in time the coal boiler was replaced with a gas fired Hydrotherm model R250 serial M3306. There is alot of info on the tag that runs together but here goes input 250,000 BTU/HR output 200,000 BTU/hr Manufacturers recommended capacity 1000 sq. ft. 150 BTU hotwater rad. at 170 temp A.S.M.E. STD. working pressure100 lbs max. relief valve 200 LB/HR min. cap. Another tag recommends wiring methods if it is a gravity fed use a T86A thermostat and the rest of the wiring covers the power pile etc. if it is a forced system use a L4006A high limit aquastat the rest of the wiring covers the pump etc. Heres where the system is now the circ. pump is a bell and gossett model MRF58JV that cross references with a series 100. The old cast irons have been removed and capped at the floor upstairs, the old expansion tank has been discarded to the barn. New finned baseboard rads are downstairs and there are five in various rooms. The system is using a honeywell T87F thermostat also downstairs. In the basement with the boiler is a Minneapolis Honeywell aquastat attached at what I think is the return. Behind the cover on the boiler is another aquastat type L4081B with a hi setting and low setting and a diff adjustment. Also two expansion tanks set at 12 P.S.I. and an anti siphoning unit 12 P.S.I. All the rads have there own air bleed and another air bleed at the boiler. There is a water in pipe from the well valve is on another pipe next to it that I think might be a feed to either one or both of the old rads valve off. There are three valves above the boiler going different directions I'm guessing these are the various returns for the newer baseboard rads. There is also a well X trol tank that I guess has something to do with keeping a constant water pressure to faucets in the house and a hot water heater that may or may not be sharing a line somehow with the boiler. Sorry so long guys, just wanted to give all the variables that maybe causing my problem. Fired up the boiler bled all the rads and the boiler set the thermostat to 90 and waited to see what happened. Monitored all the air bleeds as it warmed up. All the rads warmed up save one that just wouldn't warm up and the room temp never got above 70. Temp at the boiler pretty much stayed in the 140 to 180 range pressure stayed between 12 and 16 P.S.I. Oh yeah the circulator pump doesn't seem to be running and has power to it. That's it other than the house sat approx. a year before my purchase. Thanks in advance for any help.

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