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Re: Weil Mclain wtgo-4 or Burnham v83 camparison

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Posted by vincent C on October 14, 2006 at 18:37:55:

In Reply to: Re: Weil Mclain wtgo-4 or Burnham v83 camparison posted by HeatPro on October 14, 2006 at 17:38:08:

Thank you for trying to answer my questions. However what I wantend was some actual facts not a political speach! belive me I have been getting all of that from the salespersons. I was looking for clear cut answers. If you dont know, say that I will respect that more than what was stated below. Thank you

: : Below are my questions:
: : 1. Which Boiler is the better one? And why.
: The best heater is:
: The one the salesman is selling
: The one the homeowner bought

: When comparing similar boilers it is a matter of which installer can do the better job, as a flunky can make the best boiler system leak and corrode from fresh oxygen coming in to replace that lost, where a good repairman can make the worst boiler function for decades.

: : 2. Which Boiler has a better maintenance record?
: If you go to 100 homes, you'll see that there is no maintenance record at all, as there is no professional in the home to keep such a record. there are hundreds of thousands of boilers still functioning over a generation ins spite of lousy care.

: : 3. Which boiler is more energy efficent?
: I hope the estimators gave you the literature with that printed right on the sheet. As almost every boiler of that kind comes from the factory between 74% and 87% AFUE today, there is nothing much to compare.

: : 4. What is the retail cost of each boiler? I live in Rhode Island.
: + Ask the right people, the ones who sell the boilers in your area - the suppliers, they can give you a retail price. However, that won't do you much good, as you won't get a warrantee on the boiler unless it is installed by a pro who has an office, trucks, men, and taxes to pay for by his labor - that's written right in the factory warrantee sheets.

: : Thank you for your advice
: : Vincent

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