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Re: Spill switch on vent

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Posted by HeatPro on August 04, 2006 at 10:57:57:

In Reply to: Spill switch on vent posted by Ant on August 04, 2006 at 10:44:50:

Your boiler depends upon their being a good draft in the chimney to move the combustion gases up the chimney. In the summer, the conditions for the draft in the chimney are reversed. In the winter, the cold air is outside and the warmer air inside rises out the chimney. In the summer, the cold air is inside and the warm air is outside, so it takes longer to get a good draft going in the chimney.

Part of the problem can be the chimney itself being too large in cross-section or somewhat leaky. Checking the diameter and kind of chimney against the recommended tables in the National Fire Protection asociation manuals can tell if you need improvement in the chimney, or an air inlet into the room to allow air into the room to prevent a negative draft condition.

Become aware that a boiler manufactured to fit all homes are sometimes going to be installed in a home that doesn't have the optimum air flow or chimney. It's not the design that works in hundreds of thousands of homes that is faulty in one.

The usual knee-jerk reaction is that the safety switch to save your home is thought to be at fault, like removing the brakes on a car to make up for it not going fast enough. Hopefully, it is ALWAYS some problem that trips a safety switch.

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