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Spill switch on vent

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Posted by Ant on August 04, 2006 at 10:44:50:

I have a Weil McClain boiler and water storage tank that's four years old. A few weeks ago, I had no hot water. (Tank is dependent on the boiler) I checked the boiler and it was stone cold and I noticed that the controls were calling for it to fire up to heat the water tank, but the boiler would not fire up. I checked everything (not thinking to check the stack switch) and everything seemed okay, so I called the gas repair man to check it out.

Immediately, he found that the spill switch on the stack had tripped. He reset the switch, the damper opened up and the boiler fired up. He checked the draft and that was ok. It was hot that day and he said that sometimes with the hot weather, the switches are sensitive and the hot weather will cause the switch to trip. I found this kind of odd since this has never happened before in the four years that I've had the boiler system.

All was fine until this past week. The switch tripped on Wed. and again this morning. Now, it has been quite hot here the past few days (100's), but like I said, this has never happened before and I would think that this is a poor design, if the switch trips because of the weather outside being hot.

So, my questions are:
1. Could it be that the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced?
2. Could it be something else, other than the switch.

I highly doubt that there are any obstructions in the vent, since I have a screen on the chimney outside, although I guess anything is possible.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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