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Re: wiring of off-delay timer

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Posted by HeatPro on May 05, 2006 at 20:17:43:

In Reply to: wiring of off-delay timer posted by Dave on May 05, 2006 at 16:57:56:

he had said to apply 120 v input power to terminals 7 and 2.

+++ Terminal 7 gets the black hot wire and terminal 2 gets the white neutral wire to control the timed relay contacts at 6 and 8.
You get a reading of 120 volts from 7 to 2 nbecause that is where there is a difference of 120 volts from a black hot wire to a neutral white wire.

The terminals 6 and 8 have a set of contacts between them, so if 120 volts from a black wire goes to the closed contacts, 120 volts continue on to the pump which has a white wire on it so there is a difference there. There is no difference between 6 and 8 because they are the same hot black wire on both sides, only broken by the contacts.

: I was going to take the hot wire from the boiler and attach to 7 and neutral from boiler to 2.
+++ That's ok. But, you will have to know where you get these wires from as they should be the same ones that close the pump relay by providing power to the pump relay coil.

Then hot wire to pump on 6 and neutral to pump on 8.
+++ If you succeed in putting a black wire on 6 and a white wire on 8, or vice-versa, you will either blow the breaker or fry the contacts inside the relay between 6 and 8. The black wires on both these terminals would be taken from the both sides of the pump relay, so although the pump relay opens, the time delay relay would keep the pump running for the time-out.

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