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a few minor problems after our repiping

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Posted by Dave on January 22, 2006 at 08:57:18:

Well, we finished repiping our boiler with the Ergomax last night and only have a few issues.
As far as the supply and return headers, we ran the pipes to them from the opposite direction and capped the other ends.
So, in the old picture of the system, the Phase III was at the end of the supply header right before the little relief valve. We removed the relief valve and piped ther for the supply. Now the Phase III is the first zone coming out of the tank. The piping for the phase III comes down vertically from the header. Then there is the 007 pump to the pahseIII and the separate checkvlave. For some reason, the Phase III now heats up slowly to boiler temp, so even though it's not calling for heat, the DHW is at 180 this morning. We think maybe something happened to the checkvalve, so we "exercised" it, but the Phase III is basically as hot as the boiler water. There is no checkvalve on the return from the Phase III, but there never was. I'm just not sure why it is now overheating when we did nothing to change its piping.
The other issue we have is the expansion tank is on the supply header after it comes out of the Ergomax (not on the boiler loop). Our T&P valve on the boiler has a slow drip. When the boiler is running, the T&P pressure is reading probably about 26-28. The expansion tank is an Extrol model 60. With a total of 90 gallons of water in the system, could it be that we need a larger tank? With the system off, the pressure is about 18 in the tank (read by a tire valve). Overnight, the T&P vlave dripped about an 1/8" of water/glycol into a coffee can. The Ergomax did not release any water, so maybe it is just a bad T&P valve on the boiler?
But the house is warm and the boiler seems like it runs alot less. Currently, I have the system set up so the Ergomax is set at 160 and is wired across the R/W terminals on the boiler. Eventually, I will get the Heatmanager to run it more efficintly. I'd like to send you a picture of what we've done. You wouldn't even recognize the system.

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