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Water is not circulating.

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Posted by Lisa on December 05, 2005 at 14:48:56:

I have a house with probably the original Bryant boiler that uses natural gas. Here is my problem, the burners heat up the water perfectly at about 180 degrees and maintains it at 180 degrees, but the circulating motor does not turn on. I think the circulating motor works okay because I can force it to turn on if I turn off the power and let the water cool down to about 140 degrees and then flip the power switch. Then the burners will turn on to heat up the water, and the circulating motor will turn on immediately as well, but then the circulating motor will cut off after a few seconds and that stops the water from circulating.
I looked in the electrical access panel on the boiler front and I see only 3 electrical gizmos that look like relays or something. I also hear a low buzzing sound from one of the gizmos when the power is on so I guess that one is working correctly? I've already purged the system pressure well, and it is set correctly between 10-12 pounds. Any suggestions on which gizmo to replace would be appreciated. I can buy the part myself and install it myself too but I don't know what the right name is for the gizmo that needs replacement. But there is only 3 of them, like I mentioned, so I'm guessing it has to be one of them. Thanks again.

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