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Boiler overheating. Circulator running?

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Posted by Connon on September 12, 2005 at 12:20:55:

I have a question about the circulator pump on my boiler. I have a Weil McClain boiler that is about 7 years old. My house was built in the mid 50's, has hot water baseboard, a 30 gallon hot water tank and the basement had radiant heat (copper tubing in concrete) that recently started leaking. The piping to the floor had 3/4 pipe that went into 3 - 1/2 copper tubes that appeared to go into the concrete and return back out. I had to cut out the floor piping to stop the leak and I connected the 2 - 3/4 pipes together. When the system first called for heat I could hear the water moving through the pipes. Now, the baseboards are not getting hot and the boiler is overheating. The pipe is hot past the zone valve but I do not believe that the circulator is running. Is there a safety that may have tripped? It is very strange that this happened right after the floor heat was bypassed. Could the circulator have solder in the impeller from sweating the pipes together? What is the usual life of the circulator? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am new to my area and do not have a heating contractor. The old owner left all the doumentation, that is how I know the age of the boiler and hot water tank.

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