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lost pressure

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Posted by george on January 03, 2004 at 14:39:11:

I have an in floor haeting system with the aqua pex tubing(plastic then aluminumthen then plastic tubing)2 years ago it froze and I replaced the break and last year it ran fine.This year it was not warming up and I could feel air gurgling in the pipe like it might be starting to freeze,so I turned the circulator around and ran it against the flow to try and melt any freezing that may have started.This did the trick as it heats up now but my pressure will not hold for more than a day.I have to hook up the hose to the drain plug(this is a closed system)and fill it back up to pressure.It will heat up and run but I can feel air in the lines.The system is in my basement and it sits on top of 2" of rigid foam insulation and I have drain tile all around the perimiter, so I should be getting water running into the sump basket,but it is dry.could I have done something to the air scoop as I did not take this off when I ran the line backwards and it has an arrow for the direction it should go.I ran it against the normal direction.I have 2 taco 572-2 zone valves with taco 568-19 thermastats,and it is ran with a taco 007-zf5-5 circulator and the air tank/scoop is a watts et-30 tank and 240f release valve.any help? I also put in some boiler anti freeze this year after all this happened.could this be doing it? also once in a while the circulator will shut off(it is in the on position-constant run,non priority switch) and I will have to turn it off(to the priority setting)and then switch it back to the on position before it comes back on.Is this normal?Thank You

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