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Re: Low Loss Header

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Posted by HeatPro on May 20, 2005 at 13:22:37:

In Reply to: Low Loss Header posted by PS on May 20, 2005 at 09:07:51:

You have a simple system of a 60,000 btuh radiation one-pipe circuit and an indirect water heater. All that was ever needed for such a simple system is a circulator to move water through the one-pipe system and a three-way zone valve to move water through the indirect heat exchanger upon priority hot water.

Others that favor circulators might choose two circulators, one for the one-pipe loop and one for the indirect. Almost any plumber would pop these in without a second thought.

A Viessman rep is another whole amusing story. As they are high-techy engineers with an interest of marketing to get the greatest commission, they look to include NASA space computers and as many complicated conceptual parts as they can. A low-loss header is popular now with the 'space-cadet' crowd as John Siegenthaler has been drawing them for their 'pocket-protector' club. A low-loss header layour is GREAT for commercial buildings over 300,000 btuh. For the ordinary, it is like getting the newest GM army field truck with battery-operated wheel motors and a diesel recharger with GPS and computer control for optimum fuel economy - in order to go to the corner for the paper. There isn't enough complicated water flow to install a low-loss header and such a header in this instance only needs to be made up of a foot of 1-inch copper with two tees. I've seen the results of installing this fancy idea with six circulators where one would do - and it wasn't happy.

In other words, putting in the most complicated impressive system design is a ludicrous waste of self-aggrandizement just to make an ordinary residential system that works perfectly in the simplest manner. And as you say, neither looked at your existing piping - (but went off into pipe dreams.)

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