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thermostatic mixing valves?

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Posted by Dave on May 20, 2005 at 13:02:01:

I have combination baseboard & staple-up radiant heating zones in my house, so I'm using a manual mixing valve to drop the temperature down for the radiant loop. Although I know radiant isn't supposed to use higher than about 140F, I often need to give it up 160F in the coldest parts of winter (probably due to poor insulation and other install issues from our previous owner). Our boiler is a Weil-McLain Ultra 155, so it provides modulated heat with outdoor reset; therefore, the manual mixing valve needs to be sdjusted frequently as the weather changes.

I've been planning to replace the manual mixing valve with an automated version, with an actuator and thermocouple feedback module.

But recently I came across something called a thermostatic mixing valve that uses a bimetallic strip is essenstially provide mechanical temperature compensation. I've only found one model so far, Cash Acme's Heatguard 110-H, which goes up to 140F max.

Does anyone have experience with this type of valve; or does anyone know if this is good for my application? Also, any other manufacturers or models - especially something that would accept a slightly higher setpoint?



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