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hot water heat design

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Posted by Vicky on February 28, 2005 at 08:29:47:

I am reconnecting a section of my mother's ranch home to the boiler. This was once operational but when the pipes froze years ago my father disconnected them. So the project is as follows: This is a side section of a ranch home connected to the main home via a long (unheated) hallway. The original water and heat pipes ran under a slab from the main area basement. My mother had a new boiler installed and I currently have a one inch pipe feed an return stubbed out. I am going to run out the basement and thru the hallway adding heat in there and then to the side section of the house. I am running the pipe overhead and dropping down to pick up the cast iron radiators. Now if the radiators were above the pipe run I believe I could run a single pipe loop with the 1" and pick up the radiators along the way with 3/4" because the hottest water tends to rise. With the pipes being overhead I fear that the 1" pipe will fulfill the loop and no water will flow thru the radiators. I could run in and out of the radiators with 3/4 inch passing thru each radiator on the way but fear too much heat loss at the end... I also thought I could run the 1" and drop down to 3/4 inch for the radiator as well as drop the size of the feed pipe to 3/4 so I could insure some flow thru the radiator then rejoin the two into a 1" to continue my feed. Or perhaps doing a feed/ return design is best... So I have lots of ideas and I would love the benefit of someone's experience to guide me. Thanks in advance!

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