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High heat bill

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Posted by Andrew Mueller on January 03, 2005 at 11:29:12:


The heat bill for my house is absolutely outrageous. I have a Hydrotherm HC165, which has a 165k BTU/hr input and a 123k BTU/hr output.

The system has 2 zones, one which runs through the basement and through the first floor. The other runs through the second floor.

It costs about $300 - $400 to heat the house during the winter months.

I would prefer not to get a new boiler at this point, but make the system more efficient if possible. This system has not been touched in quite a few years as I know the previous owners (being my parents). So, if there is any maintenance or otherwise which might help out on such a system, it has not been done in a very long time (> 10 years).

Since we are not using the basement, is it possible to insulate the piping such that there is minimal heat loss in this area? The basement is always very toasty, but doesn't relly need to be.

Should I insulate the piping (cast iron) between the boiler and the hot water tank?

... Basically I am at a loss for what to do and how to make this system as efficient as possible. I need to make this system work as efficiently as possible prior to making the determination to purchase a new boiler.

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Mueller

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