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Why so hot?

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Posted by Andrew Murchie on December 21, 2004 at 12:35:31:

ABOUT A WEEK AGO MY NEW BOILER SYSTEM WAS INSTALLED BY A LOCAL PLUMBING CONTRACTOR TO MY SPECIFICATIONS. I HAVE A GV-6 BOILER AND AN AMTROL WHS-60 HOT WATER MAKER. I HAVE A TACO OO7-IFC FOR EACH ZONE, WHICH THERE ARE THREE HEATING ZONES. I ALSO HAVE A TACO 007-IFC PUMP FOR THE AMTROL.I AM USING A TACO SR506-EXP 6 ZONE EXPANDABLE SWITCHING RELAY TO THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROL THE PUMPS. MY QUESTION IS THIS: WHEN THE THERMOSTAT CALLS FOR HEAT AND THE ZONE CIRCULATOR RUNS THE DEMAND IS MET BUT THE ZONE CONTINUES TO BE VERY HOT AND IF THE THERMOSTAT IS OFF THE ZONE CIRCULATOR IS OFF BUT THE ZONE LOOP CONTINUES TO BE HOT. IS THE CAUSE OF THIS ABNORMAL OPERATION BECAUSE OF THE INTERNAL PUMPS WITHIN THE BOILER? IS IT POSSIBLE TO DISCONNECT THE INTERNAL RETURN PUMP BUT KEEP THE INTERNAL SUPPLY PUMP CONNECTED TO PROVIDE SUCTION? IF THIS IS POSSIBLE IS THERE ANY DRAWBACKS. THE INSTALLER DID NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO WHY THE ZONES CONTINUED TO BE HOT WHILE THE THERMOSTAT WAS OFF. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I have made an attempt to speak with a Service Engineer AT WEIL- MCLAIN twice and both times I have received voicemail. I currently have the internal return pump disconnected and the thermostats are working the way they should be. I am confused. IT IS SAID that the boiler will not function properly, but it seems to be operating fine. When the pump was connected it was sending extremely hot water into the Amtrol hot water maker and I was getting an error message. With the pump off the Amtrol is not showing any errors. I believe that that the wiring is correct. The T-T on the boiler is connected to the end switch on the relay and there is a jumper connected within the relay. I connected the T-T wires from the Amtrol to the thermostat connections at the top of the relay. Each of the Taco pumps are wired to the circulator zones at the bottom of the relay. I have connected the 110v power to the bottom right of the relay. Am I missing something?

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