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Re: Home hotwater heat questions

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Posted by Wesley Wuertz on October 21, 2004 at 16:37:10:

In Reply to: Re: Home hotwater heat questions posted by HeatPro on October 20, 2004 at 17:30:17:

I beg to differ, that it IS difficult to understand. Since there are no vent parts at the highest parts of the system, and since the system is and has been full of water for 35 years, how did the water get in there in the first place? How did they get the air out then or the numeous times it must have been serviced in that time? THAT's what I want to know. If was done then, it can be done NOW without having to put any new parts in the system (other than the damaged valve I am needing to replace).

Additionally, your first sentence makes no sense, nor do you try to explain it. Flushing anything "to the opened drain against the closed valve" seems to be an oximoron.

I am sorry if I seem testy, but I am not stupid, merely ignorant of some things you take for granted and fail to explain. And I am anxious to repair this system before the cold sets in again. If the purpose of this site is to help and you still wish to do so, please kindly instruct me in more basic terms, within the perameters of the system I have described, without the assumptions.

If there are no vents or bleeders at the baseboards, only some sort of bleeder on the manifold outside the boiler, and IF I open the system to replace a damaged valve, how do I get the air back out of the system as I re-fill it? (For that matter, without a way to get air IN, how do I get any water OUT to make the repair?)

Please forgive my ranting, I am just frustrated. I have searched the NET and libraries and have been unable to locate any information that will help. There are a LOT of these systems in use, so the information should be available. But I either get nothing or very simple descriptions of systems that have vents at the top.

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