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Add water to my system?

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Posted by JO on December 03, 2003 at 12:59:17:

Good afternoon. I just moved to a new house earlier in November. We have a Bahama oil-fired cast iron boiler + hot water rads. Initially we had no heat. After emptying out the expansion tank, we have good heat on the first floor, put poor upstairs, particularly the master bedroom. I've bled the rads. In the bathroom it was ok, some air then water dripped out. However in the master bedroom, I've opened them up about a dozen times. Each time some air hisses out, then nothing. No air, no water. I can feel the hot water and they are less than half full. The boiler reads at 10 psi even and we have 9 ft ceilings. At this point to I add water? I've read the instructions on how to purge the air from a system, however, I have a few questions. Should my unit be entirely cooled down for this process? I can see where the water comes in, the boiler is the first stop after my water-meter. Do I simply turn that valve and follow the rest of the instructions (individually bleeding the rads....)? Or are there any extras I need to know. I am pretty technically inclided, but I don't want to do any guessing here.

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