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Relocating circulator due to air problems. Need help

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Posted by Richard on August 22, 2004 at 16:48:32:

First of all, I have:

Burnham v83 oil boiler
Taco 007 circulator
Amtrol air scoop & expansion tank
Maid of mist air vents

The v83 boiler was installed last year and the system worked fine for a month or two, then air got in the system on the second floor blocking circulation. Its been a recurring problem.
There are air vents up on the second floor as well as on the air scoop. The heating guy installed the air scoop/expansion tank on the supply side of boiler with the supply than feeding the various circuits. He installed the circulator on the return side pumping into the boiler (return line to pump coming from manifold where 4 zone valves are).

I am considering two alternatives.

(1) Move circulator to the supply side downstream of expansion tank, although, there is only about 14 inches between air scoop and an elbow to mount it. Replace air scoop with spirovent

(2) Leave the circulator where it is on return side but flip it to reverse flow, so that it is pumping away from boiler, therefore, the expansion tank and towards the manifold. I would have to cut out the 4 zone valves and flip them to accomodate flow direction change. Since I would like to change the White-Rodgers zone valves to Sparco or Auto-Mag etc., thats no problem. The expansion tank would stay where it is
above the boiler. No room to move it anywhere else.

I kind of favor the second way, but I am wondering if having the ciculator near the bottom of the boiler pumping away from it, with the air scoop/expansion tank on the pipe going into the top of the boiler would pose any problems. Would alternative#2 do the same thing as alternative#1 and stop suction from the pump sucking air in from vents.

I would ask the heating contractor that installed the boiler, but I no longer deal with him because of his general dishonesty.

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