Maintenance gas blr

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Posted by jtown on August 29, 2001 at 05:28:46:

In Reply to: Maintenance posted by Harold Mac on August 28, 2001 at 13:02:41:

It is a boiler, furnaces are for hot air. Get a 'boiler cock' or drain, to distinguish from a 'sill cock'. It is made straight so you can remove the bonnet and rod out deposits. Kill any electric also. Pull the sheet metal covers and any cleanout covers on top. Brush and clean the dust etc out of the heat exchangers and burners and reseal any furnace cement that has separated. A small bucket can be bought at heating supply houses. The cleanout cover may have gaskets and/or cement. The burners lift out to be cleaned. Just brush and vac them without disturbing the air settings and be sure to get them back in place right. Or vac them in place with a wand. Check out the pilot assembly and vac. If it has lasted 25yrs you probably have a powerpile type that generates enough electric to be able to run through power outages. Look at how to replace it while you're there so you'd be ready later if it goes. Pull the flue connector from the chimney and make sure it is clear and a pocket goes downward in the chimney to hold any debris. May be dead squirrels or birds in there so be ready. Look for any parts of chimney showing deterioration. Check the top of the chimney for condensation damage to mortar. That should keep you busy.

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