Water flowing out of radiators!

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Posted by John on May 15, 2001 at 10:35:09:

I have a Peerless steam boiler on a single pipe system.The system has an automatic feed for the water.
Two days ago when I came home from work I found that
water was leaking (steady leak) out of three of my
radiators on the first floor. I went to the basement and bled off about 25 gallons (in 5 gallon buckets,the
only way I knew it was 25 gallons)of water until the
auto feed kicked in and then stopped a short time later.
The next morning after I had my hot shower, I turned the boiler off and went to work. When I came home I
found the same situation,water leaking out of the same
radiators! I went to the basement again and bled off another 25 gallons of water. (I could hear it flowing
beak down)The auto feed doesn't seem to be stuck open,
and seems to be working ok. When I bleed of the water it will finally come on and fill up for a few seconds
or so and then turn off.(It's visable, and I can watch it working)I'm at a loss to figure out how the water is being pumped through the radiators with the boiler
off, and the auto feed seeming to work properly! There
doesn't appear to be any leaking water around the boiler, and it makes hot water ok.There is a round
guage on the front of the boiled that reads "syphon"
and it was pegged past positive 30 (it reads in both
directions from o)even after the waer was drained.
I do some of the work on the boiler, such as changing
the fuel filter, and replacing some of the copper tubing.I need to know if anyone can tell me what the
problem is, and is it something that I can do myself.
My budget is pretty tight,plus I like to do some of the
work myself so I can learn about my system.
Thanks for the help, this is a great web site!!!!

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