Re: No Heat on Second Floor

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Posted by Phil on March 30, 2001 at 14:44:16:

In Reply to: No Heat on Second Floor posted by Cris on March 28, 2001 at 18:22:13:

: The second floor of my house (which used to be hot like a sauna) is not receiving any heat. There is hot water baseboard heating up there. We have changed the circulator pump and regulator. There were no valves at all to bleed (checked several times). My father also installed a valve on one of the radiators so we could bleed it and hopefully get the air out. When we bleed it, we just get cold water out and found that the water is not circulating. However, when we bleed the return side the water on that radiator then gets hot, so apparently the water is there but not circulating so it goes cold. I have an expansion tank on that line and we have not done anything with that. Could that be the problem? Why would there be no water circulation, the new pump is working fine and the main floor is getting plenty of heat. However, we do hear the pump trying very hard to push the water.???

Look for these possibilities:
1. In-line gate valve stem is broken, causing gate to block water flow.
2. If system is "zoned", meaning it has zone valves in line with the piping, then it amy be an inoperative zone valve. These are electrically operated by a 24 volt system, which is triggered by the thermostat.

From what you describe, 1 is more likely than 2.
A third possibility is that the water pressure is too high, causing the valve to be insufficient to overpower the pressure , thereby remaining closed. This would be the case, only if there is a ZONE VALVE.

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