Flooded Radiator

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Posted by Bill on January 16, 2000 at 07:04:54:

I have been reading this BB quite regurarly, so I am familiar with many issues that homeowner faces.
However, I am baffled by this particular radiator.

I have one-pipe, oil-fired steam heat. Out of 9 radiators, 7 were replaced with cast-iron baseboards by
previous owner. All of new radiators and one of the remaining "old" radiators works OK, but one remaining "old" radiator gets flooded with condesate
water. If you unscrew air vent, some water coming out from the opening as well as from vent itself. After
that, radiator will heat up nicely. So I ended up unscrewing vent after every heating cycle to get rid of water.

There is nothing special about it, except that it's the largest in a house (about 3 feet in length).
It's on the first floor of the two-stories house. It is NOT at the end of the main, and it is NOT furthest away
from the boiler. Here is a list of things that I already attempted:

1. Changed air vent several times.
2. Added more pitch to the radiator to make sure water can flow back to the boiler.
3. Removed radiator from the pipe and flushed it to make sure there is no sediment deposits inside.
4. Checked pitch of pipes leading back to return line. The all seems to be pitched properly, and there
is NO banging when steam coming up.

What else can I do? Will changing of the radiator help?

Thank you


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