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Posted by Frank on January 09, 2000 at 12:20:13:

I have a 2 story home that was built circa 1921. Each apartment has it's own single-line steam heat boiler. The lower apartment only has 1 main send and feed. It has 2 main Vents 1 in the front of the house, one in the rear. Pressuretroll settings are .5 for cut-in and 1.75 for cut-out. All radiators heat-up very well. My Question... Should the boiler build-up pressure of 1.75psi - 2.5psi before it cut's out or can it cut-out when it reaches the appropriate temperature. My pressure gauge works and it always seems to cut-out at about 2.5psi. I am not sure if there is too much pressure. Should the gauge always rise and fall?
The 2nd floor has some problems. It has two mains, one for the rear and one for the front. Each main has 2 main vents. The back of the house heats up very well, The front of the house not so well The gauge is new, however it never raises in pressure. The larger radiators which are in the front of the house do not fully heat up. I have new adjustable valves on all of the radiators and are adjusted properly. Again the Question. Is it normall for the gauge not to raise in pressure. The pressuretroll is set cut-in .5 and cut-out at 1.75. All boiler piping is cleaned. With all of this said my fuel bills are very high when compared to the lower apartment, and with my thermostat set at an average temp of 65 degrees. And the lower apartment with an average of 69 degress. Could my 25 year old fire box be bad?

Any Suggestions?

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