Knocking inside gas fired boiler

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Posted by Dennis Rockefeller on January 01, 2000 at 15:39:55:

Hi, I was referred here by someone in another forum where I posed this problem I have. I have a Crown-Aruba gas boiler for my hot water baseboard system. It has been installed for 10-12 yrs and suddenly started making noises inside the boiler when the heat cycle start and continues pretty much until it ends. Per recommendation from a person in the other forum, I changed the bleeder on top of my Extrol tank, but no help. There appears to be no air in the rest of the system and the noise is only in the boiler (not anywhere else in the radiation cabinets or pipe runs. Another observation I posted was that the boiler pressure is running about 24 psi. I guess everyone agrees that is high, but I think it's always been over 20 psi. I tried draining enough water to bring the pressure down and closed the shutoff ahead of the fill valve but that didn't seem to help (it's open again now). The only other observation I've made is that the Extrol tank and valve were partially covered in an oily substance. Kind of dried over time, but slightly tacky. That was when someone suggested a 'dirty' installation but I didn't get details on what was meant. That was also when the suggestion came about on changing the bleeder. The Extrol tank itself is pressirized with air at the bottom of the tank. I would appreciate any suggestions on things to check. Thanks. (Sorry for the long post!)

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