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Re: Totaline Programmable T-Stat Hook-Up ??

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Posted by Harold hydronicnetwork.net on October 11, 2002 at 20:06:00:

In Reply to: Totaline Programmable T-Stat Hook-Up ?? posted by a12 on October 10, 2002 at 08:11:59:

You need the third wire:


1. I see PF in the display...
PF in the display referrers to power failure (Pf). This only happens if the thermostat is not being given enough power to operate. The most likely cause of this is the lack of a "common wire". This is the wire that connects from the C terminal on the thermostat, back to the common side of the equipments transformer.

If you have a common wire, check its continuity...it's most likely open or has a loose connection at either end).

If you are using the thermostat in power roMy_clock_is_loosing_timeing mode, you should install the resistor that came with the thermostat; first try the resistor between the W and C terminals at the equipment terminal board. If this does not resolve the problem try the resistor between Y and C on the equipments terminal board. You can also try using both resistors. If you still have a PF with two resistors, and you do not have an extra wire to use as a common wire, we recommend that you either re-pull new thermostat wire, or use an Add-a-Wire...which will give you an extra wire.

Although we state that the thermostat can operate as a power roMy_clock_is_loosing_timeing thermostat (without a common wire), there are times that a common wire is required. If you have the following system types, a common wire is required;

Heat Pump.
Two-wire heating application.
Two-wire cooling application.
If this did not resolve you problem, please call Tech Support for assistance...let them know you've already tried the steps on the website.

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