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Posted by Wallace J. loboda on April 02, 2011 at 10:58:14:

P.O. Box 421 Sulphur, Ok 73086-0421
WALLACE J. LOBODA Cell # (405) 595 -7029
Boiler Operations/Stationary Engineering E-Mail - wloboda@yahoo.com

Dear Hiring Manager;
My previous job descriptions were classified as an Acting Chief, Operating, Auxiliary or Stationary Engineer. I have both supervised and participated in providing the parts that define the various operational functions of steam, HVAC, and electrical power utilities. Whether affiliated in partnership or working independently, efforts were unified dedicated to deliver reliable quality services.

Most notable, my background includes:

Practical knowledge gained through participation in complete plant equipment replacement operations which were performed in critical care hospital environments.
Skilled in literally every area that delivers safe, efficient, reliable Steam plant operations.
I can offer your staff:
Strong technical competencies delivering resolutions.
Proficiency with water chemistry and chemical handling for boiler and cooling tower water treatment.
Dedication to perform all assigned tasks working any hours required for completion.
Prepared to accommodate relocation to shorten commute, foster conciliation and promote a mutually advantageous and suitable situation.
A current Oklahoma First Class Boiler Operator’s License which certifies that I possess the required body of knowledge reserved for Oklahoma’s highest classification of boiler license; 40 O.S. §§-141-1-20-O.A.C.380:25 prescribed standards,(“Any persons holding a First Class Boilers Operators License is qualified to operate and maintain, and supervise others in the operation and maintenance of all single burner boilers regardless of energy input”), (quotation is from Oklahoma Department of Labor Safety Standards Division).
I invite you to explore my resume to see if my background and experience meets the needs created by your current job opportunity.
Gaps in my employment were due to relocation to Oklahoma due to family obligations. My present position is an assignment with, L.K.W. Insulation Inc.,(remaining in anticipation of work more closely related to the field of work where my greatest satisfaction remains. I would require relocation expenses for positions outside Oklahoma.
I greatly appreciate your time spent in review of my qualifications and thank you now in advance of further contact. Please telephone me at (405)-595-7029 to arrange an interview. Thanks you Wallace J. Loboda


Possess an in depth understanding of virtually every aspect of what is required to achieve and maintain safe reliable boiler operations and deliver performance with that applied knowledge and care.

Operated and maintained boilers of the following manufactures, classifications, ratings and operating pressures:

Ames - Firetube, 100 Bhp. 3,450 lbs/hr saturated steam, 100 psi Operating Pressure.Babcock & Wilcox - Watertube –D- type, 725 Bhp. 25,000 lbs/hr saturated steam, 125 psiOperating Pressure.Burnham – Firetube 300 Bhp. 10,350 lbs/hr saturated steam, 100 psi Operating Pressure.
Buderus – Watertube , 1,700 Bhp. 58,650 lbs/hr superheated steam, 695 psi Operating Pressure.
Cleaver Brooks - Firetube, 600 Bhp. 20,700 lbs/hr, saturated steam 175 psi Operating Pressure.
Cleaver Brooks - Watertube -O- type, 870 Bhp, 30,000lbs/hr saturated steam, 130 psi Operating Pressure.
Cleaver Brooks – Firetube 500 Boiler horsepower., Hot water boilers ,Operating temp. 250 F., 105 psi.Operating Pressure.
Economic - Vertical Firetube – dry type, 60 Bhp. 2,070 lbs/hr saturated steam, 100 psi Operating Pressure.Fuels Fired #2, #4, #5, #6 & Bunker C fuel oils, Natural Gas & Garbage at a trash-to-steam co-generation plant.

Water testing & treatment of the following classifications: precipitating, stoichiometric & Substoichiometric.

Troubleshooting of the following instrumentation: pressure, temperature, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, magnetic activation types.

Familiar with A.S.M.E. codes and JCAHO codes.

Facilitated all new employee boiler room operational orientation training at Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

LKW INSULATORS (6/20/ 2010 to Present position)
Immediate Supervisor: Marshall Smith Contact Phone # (580)566-1199
Lkw Insulation Inc in Boswell, OK is a private company records show it was established in 2004 and incorporated in Oklahoma. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 5 to 9.

Key Contributions: Pipe & equipment insulation removal andinstallation. Worked at (Chickasaw Cultural Center, Remington Park, Pauls Valley Hospital, Aldridge Bldg.).I aided in the successful completion of those projects.

Express Employment Professionals – Ada, Oklahoma (2/23/ 2010 - Present position )
Immediate Supervisor: Terry Lowe Contact Phone # (580) 332-4444

Key Contributions: To accommodate staffing needs that serve various client Businesses in the greater
Ada area as an Express associate when contacted by an on demand, (at will contract basis).
Joule` Industrial Contractors Gibbstown, N.J. (3-2001 to 11-2001)
Immediate supervisor Ken Liebert contact FAX# (856)423-3209

Plant Type: [Assorted, over 60 client companies]

Key Contributions: Serviced Joule’s 60 client accounts, (located throughout New Jersey) filling staffing shortages as a licensed field representative skilled in literally every area that consistently delivers safe, efficient, reliable Steam plant operations. Availability was tailored according to the individual clients requirements, usually contracted on a 24 hour, 7 day a week, rotating schedule basis. Essential was the ability to analyze, command equipment functions and assume responsibility for the client’s operations in a safe expedient manner. Providing the customer with a quick reliable alternative without assistance from the client’s personnel. Working independently while remaining inosculated with my parent company and its potential resources. Honorably record and relate hours of work performed between client and Joule’s payroll department.

Final Assignment: Joule` #3683 – PGI Fiber Technologies, Landisville, N.J.08326-1212
Client Contact Supervisor Allen Becker Client contact# (856)697-4087

Plant Type: Polymer MFG. Co. & Heating Plant

Equipment: (2) Cleaver Brooks Firetube boilers, 175 psig. O.P. #6 F.O. & Nat. Gas fired, Water Softener, stoichiometric water treatment, (2) rotary screw air compressors, (Plant waste water storage, processing & P.H. monitoring) electrical utilities, (1) 500Kw CAT emergency generator, (Nat. Gas fired).

Convanta - [Formerly - Warren Energy – Ogden Plant Services] Oxford, NJ] `00 to-`01 Immediate Supervisor: Bill Cavanaugh contact # (908)453-2195

Plant Type: Trash to Steam; Co-Generation.

Key Contributions: Utility worker: (7:30am to 5:00pm) Traffic controller for (6) service bays, aid accessibility to tipping bays which provide,( boiler fuel Trash) storage capacity using either pay loader or bobcat operations, monthly ash sampling, during outage I worked from a sky climber.
Promoted: to Auxiliary Engineer (outside AE) actually averaging from 84- 104 hours per week, (normally scheduled for12 hr. rotating shifts). Monitored and maintained outside equipment operations for the many various types of equipment applications including, fork lift operations to empty grizzly hoppers for 6 hours; followed by 6 hours of crane operations to stoke garbage to the boiler feed hoppers.
Equipment: (2) Buderus water tube boilers – 1,700 bhp. 58,650 lb/hr., 695 psi OP. Super Heated steam, Garbage burners, #2 F.O. multi-gun burner deck, (used for cold startups and emissions control only). Convection Pendant type Super-Heater. Induced & natural drafts, substoichiometric water treatments, Hydraulic grate bars, chain driven under grate, ram feed, Ram clinker eliminator, fire pump station & (2) 500kw Caterpillar emergency generators.
Control types: pressure, temperature, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, magnetic and pneumatic activation type, linked using programmable logic controllers which provide P2P communication to human interfaced devices allowing sub- systems access to a centralized computer control room. There staff, (the foremen and/or SE) would radio communicate field problems to be resolved by the Auxiliary Engineers,

(1) 2.5 Megawatt Westinghouse axial flow, mixed pressure, Curtis staged reaction turbine with hydraulic governor actuation, hydraulic oil bearing cooler, cooling tower water supplied, air injector equipped straight condensing turbine, built in micrometers for checking running radial clearance at bearing end cap, running axial clearance at the rotary bearing end cap.

On the 6:00 P.M.-6:00 A.M. watch crew were = (1)Control Room Operator,(1)foreman,(1)Inside Auxiliary Engineer ,(2)Outside Auxiliary Engineer

Cooling Tower- (strainers, pumps, condensers, motors, belts, and fans).

Air scrubbers- (bag house, lime storage, slaker, and slurry distribution and atomization systems).

Carbons- (storage, vacuum and computerized feed systems),

Ash- (conditioning, mixing, conveyor belt removal systems).

Metals - (magnetic separation, grizzly, fork lift to empty hoppers & conveyer belt removals).

Kennedy Health Systems - Cherry Hill, NJ, (`89 to `98) Immediate Supervisor: Don Adams contact # (856)488-6500

Plant Type: Operating Room Autoclaves; heating and cooling, an 800 bed Hospital facility

Key Contributions: (3:00P.M.-11:00P.M.) Boiler Mechanic with responsibilities that required the knowledge of and included the following Boilers fuel-air ratio adjustments, Boiler Auxiliaries, water treatment programs ,Windows Computer Operating Systems , HVAC systems, air handlers, cooling towers, refrigeration units, medical air-gas-oxygen, vacuum systems, plumbing, electrical utilities, emergency generators, elevators, autoclaves and sewage systems. I Saved the hospital $18,000.00 by running a new 2” steam line, (from the boiler steam header I ran over 300 feet of down stream pipes) to a new cafeteria pot & pan washer, (on my regularly scheduled off time).
I contributed to the successful approval of JCAHO accreditation. Helped implement the development of a preventative maintenance program and M.S.D.S. compliance programs instructed all new boiler room personnel operational orientation, trained to react to fires as a first responder; received a Holmes Security clearance to access and resetting the computerized fire alarm system.

Supervision of after hour (5:00P.M.), sub-contractor, outside vendor activity and any problems affecting the quality of services were corrected or coordinated with the appropriate remedial solution. Paramount was communication, inter-departmental mutuality of obligation and prompt cognizant resolution were essential in this critical care environment. Formally educated in abatement procedures, Assisted in a complete plant renewal without any interruptions in hospital services. Attained a Federal class III abatement certificate, Letter of recommendation.
Mobile rental boiler utilities: (2) Economic Vertical Fire Tube boilers, #5 FO, 60 Boiler Horse Power, 2,070 lbs/hr. Saturated steam, 100psi OP. and all self contained auxiliaries. We provided header connections, fuel, water and staff.
[Removed Plant] Ames Fire Tube boilers (2) 100 boiler horsepower. 3,450 lb/hr., 100 p.s.i .Operating pressure saturated steam, #4 Fuel Oil, precipitating water treatment, (1) 14 ton York centrifugal chiller cooling tower and related. (2) 200 KW, Emergency Generators, Medical Air, Vacuum, and Oxygen systems, shredder & sewer pumps.
[Current Plant] (2) Burnham, new FO tank, Tray D.A. 15,000 lb/hr., (4) 7-ton Carrier chillers induced cooling tower with Hy-DAC, stoichiometric water treatments, medical gas, air, vacuum, & oxygen system, waste water system also replaced Fire Tube boilers, 300 bhp., 10,350 lb/hr. saturated steam, 100 psi OP., #2 Fuel Oil and Natural gas, (1) 500

Oklahoma Dept. of Labor Class I Boiler License - Supervisory Level License
- License # 2219
- (Issued-8/2008 - 8/2012)

EPA/OSHA Hazmat & lockout tag out Training- - Joule Industrial Contractors
EP(Asbestos Abatement License) - Environmental International
Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Training Programs - Ashland Chemical Co NJ Blue Seal Engineers License #1-A-15346 - Weyerhaeuser Co
NJ Black Seal High Pressure in Charge #22072 License - Camden Co. Tech.

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