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Re: fireye connections

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Posted by Joey on November 11, 2006 at 12:23:07:

In Reply to: Re: fireye connections posted by Steve Jeppesen on November 02, 2006 at 11:23:16:

: : :I would say it is their to test the fireeye . You do test you safety controls a least once a year i hope.

: I would remove it. I have never heard of any one installing a valve on the cooling nipple to the Fireye. As far as the ALWCO, LWCO & the GG's, these SHOULD be blowdown/tested once every 8 hours while the boiler is in operation. The Fireye may be tested every 8 hours also, but can be tested once every week. The evaporation test and the MTFI are monthly tests. I HOPE YOU ARE NOT TESTING ONCE PER YEAR!!!!!!!!! If you are you are looking at a possible boiler explosion.

On my shift I do, the others don't. They don't want to interrupt steam demand. As well this unit is only used for a pellet-mill and helps the other mill as well with its load. We are to "run it accordingly" meaning when the pellet-mill is broken which is quite often then take it off-line and put on standby. It is in use about 4days a week. So you can imagine the start and stops we make with it. I just started here 3months ago. They had a furnace/tube explosion one one just like it 3yrs ago and have ordered another. It has arrived and awaiting installation. The mill is expanding and they seem to think another one of these and 100hp firetube and 200hp firetube will supply enough steam. Load changes so frequently here with kiln and hamermills. As well the logbook did not go into detail about the previous explosion"incident" as it is referred to. And nobody wants to talk about it. And a month later the Chief a 3rd Class retired/quit.? I call this a very quirky plant. Email if you would like to discuss this further. joeyfran1@hotmail.com
Thanks. JF

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