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Re: Cost to repair HRSG tube failure

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Posted by Boiler Guy on May 16, 2007 at 09:34:08:

In Reply to: Re: Cost to repair HRSG tube failure posted by Tony on May 16, 2007 at 09:20:54:

: : Tony, you are going to have to provide a great deal more information to even wager a guess. What type of HRSG, what is the accessiblity to the failed tube, what is the failure mode, what type of repair... etc.

: OK.

: I'm thinking of a large utility size HRSG, triple pressure with reheat. If module location makes a difference, I would be interested in how the price varied by section. As far as accessibility, one that is deep in the bundle where multiple tubes would have to be cut. The failure would be at the tube header weld from stress corrosion cracking. As far as I know the only repair they would do in this instance is tube replacement, if tube plugging or some other repair type is an option I would like to learn ballpark figures on those as well.

: Even within the above parameters I'm sure there are still a lot of factors in the pricing and large variance. I'm just looking for a rough estimate, or even better, a range of possible figures.

: Thanks for the response.

Hello Tony,

I was thinking more of a smaller packaged boiler-type HRSG. A big three pressure reheat HRSG is a totally different beast. Assuming we are talking on the back of a big GE Frame 7 or similar these units are gigantic.

I apologize but although I am extremely familiar with the design of these units I would not consider myself qualified to wager a guess as to the repair of these types of units. The forum is open to any contractor or constructor that could answer a question like this. You may also want to contact the HRSG manufacturer directly, if you do not know you can start with Indeck-Keystone in Erie, PA, formally Aalborg Industries that built many a three pressure reheat HRSG. Their website is http://www.indeck-keystone.com

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