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Re: Fire tube Boiler Applications

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Posted by Boiler Guy on February 16, 2004 at 08:22:02:

In Reply to: Fire tube Boiler Applications posted by David Graham on February 16, 2004 at 04:33:24:

Easy comment - NO !

Firetube boilers have their place in 800 HP or so and smaller applications but firetube boilers in the capacity you are looking at are too large. There are serious safety issues with such an enormous tank of saturated water should the boiler ever suffer a pressure vessel failure. You should absolutely compare the furnace release rates of a firetube of that size compared with a watertube boiler. Firetubes are huge compared to a watertube of similar capacity. Don't forget the space in front of the boiler you must leave for tube pull and replacement space. A firetube that large will quickly consume a lot of real estate. Your boiler may not be cycling now, but what about the future ? A firetube will not be able to accommodate load swings as well as a watertube.

There are plenty of qualified watertube boiler manufacturers that can provide very competitive pricing for a 40,000 pph watertube. Single point positioning controls will be standard for a burner in this input range regardless of the boiler type assuming typical gas/#2 oil firing and 30 PPM NOx emissions.

Just because you can build one that large doesn't mean you should. It's only my opinion.

: Any problems w/ the new firetube boilers in the 1500 BHP and greater size.

: Looking for a new base boiler in our heating plant which now utilizes water tube. Our send-out pressure is 125 psig sat steam and have a fairly flat and lazy 40,000 pph load for 2/3 of the year.

: I like the simplicity, single point positioning control, unattended operation, etc.


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