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Re: Boiler Recommendation

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Posted by HeatPro on December 23, 2007 at 13:46:59:

In Reply to: Boiler Recommendation posted by PL on December 21, 2007 at 23:50:25:

I'm not going to 'pull punches' to make nicey, not to be hurtful, but to create awareness of reality. You bought a 100-year-old home, which means you have no concern for saving fuel as a home built before 1950 really has no insulation - making it use three times as much fuel as a house built after 1990. The difference is a bill of $1500 for three years ago and $3000 now. Putting in an expensive boiler to go from 84% AFUE to 94% AFUE, saving 10% ($300) of three times as much fuel as a 1990 home is what I call a 'blonde' sale for the Spears at Rodeo Drive.

It would do you well to spend money to fully insulate the home, cutting the fuel bill by $1500 a year and forgiving the 10% in efficiency savings, by picking an inexpensive boiler like a Bosch
Combined with a tank like an Ergomax
it will provide heat and hot water.

Paying $1000 now for a copper boiler for an instant 'rebate' of $3000 now is real savings over a cast or stainless boiler.

If the heater ever really dies, it can be replaced quickly
AND it has the ability to MODULATE the fire as does the Munchkin or Knight; but not most cast or steel gas boilers.

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