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Posted by pete on December 16, 2007 at 06:47:42:

In Reply to: Re: BOILER posted by HeatPro on December 15, 2007 at 15:31:09:

: : : If it has no low limit control, so is a 'cold start' boiler as many are today, then it needs no low limit. The single control with the dial would be a high limit (usually an L6006A) to prevent the boiler from getting too hot.

: : : As you have more than one zone, the boiler water will rise to the high limit setting approximately, due to one zone, then another calling for heat repeatedly.

: : : If you want the boiler to reise to temperatures as needed then
: : : http://www.taco-hvac.com/en/products/PC700+Boiler+Reset+Control/products.html?current_category=150
: : After a cold start, (when call for heat)And one or more zones are calling for heat the boiler always restarts at about 180 degrees to 190 degrees until heat where needed has been satisfied, if that is a shut off switch only for max. temp of boiler setting, what makes boiler kick back on at that 180- 190 range when heat is being called for like something is set at that temp.? It cant be a coincidence it kicks on at that temp everytime.
: ++ It's a coincidence if the boiler is always near the high limit temperature because the separate zones call for heat again and again.
: Otherwise, it is a miracle if the L6006 is wired right as a high limit, as 'cold start' means that the boiler gets eventually to room temperature.

: It seems to me the honeywell aquastat has a 15 degree differential from the set point you make it? Like set at 195 degree would give you a 210 degree shut off and a 180 degree kick back on.(allow power to flow)
: ++ As L6006 have a 2 or 5 differential depending upon model, they would open at the set temperature and close when dropping 2 or 5 degrees. But don't expect the thermometer to show that exactly as distance, exchange timing, and location have to do with it as well.

I checked the part number of my honeywell aquastat and it is L4080B-1261 How much does this change things on differential and working? Is it more like I said?

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