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Pressuretrol Location

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Posted by Boston on December 06, 2007 at 08:34:03:

I am still chasing down the problem with my single pipe steam system. It seems to confuse most of the contractors that have come in to look at the problem.
But one recent contractor mentioned something very interesting and I though I would see if someone could shed so me light on the subject.

The problem:
The boiler runs until the thermostat tells the system to shut off… the pressure switch never shuts the system down during the firing cycle. This means the boiler is running for 45min or more (depending on the temp in the house it could run for over an hour)… for obvious reasons this is using allot of oil. Is it normal that the system is firing for that long?

The pressuretrol unit sits on the 2nd nipple on the low water cutoff valve (the first port is used for the site part of the site glass). It appears that the pigtail is partially filled with water (level with the water line of the boiler). Does the pressuretrol register the pressure of the expanding water or the steam? Shouldn’t the pressuretrol be located above the boiler water line? It appears that this was the way it was installed initially (back in the 70’s) but I can’t find any literature or instructions to find out if this is the correct placement or operation.


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