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Re: More conversion questions

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Posted by steve on December 05, 2007 at 14:11:28:

In Reply to: Re: More conversion questions posted by HeatPro on December 04, 2007 at 17:46:06:

: : The plumbers claim pex can't make the tight turn through the T in the steam lines.
: ++ That's IDIOTIC. The pipe is cut to the floor and the pex pulled up the riser used as a chase, not through the T. Don't hire an idiot.
++++ I agree and won't be using that plumber. Another plumper pointed out that the corrosion in the steam pipes can be bad for the pex.

: : Can't get upstairs without ripping into some walls and then the asbestos needs to come out.
: ++ I guess electricians have no hope of pulling wires up either, something they do every day.
: ++ What asbestos?
++++ One guy thought there would be asbestos insulation on the pipes upstairs and going up if they are hidden in the wall. The electricians do run lines but boy do they complain about doing it.

: : Can't use the old radiators, too labor intensive,
: ++ If you can remove the nipple, the replacement fitting goes back in, whether steam or water.
++++ Yes, but they say they have to drill and cut the plug to prevent cracking the radiator.

: , plug might be stuck, radiator might leak, crack, etc.
: ++ True. but does that mean nobody can use standing radiators any longer in the world?

Any thoughts on high velocity hydro-air systems? One plumber said we should seriously consider it since there is no central air. He said it would bring the fuel costs down because it uses hot water and will still give pleasant even heating. Costs are basically new boiler plus central air with little extra costs to make the air system heat.

BTW does 315000 BTU (IN10) for a gas steam boiler sound large. I estimated it using the EDR for the radiators and using new convector tables (might not be accurate for my iron convectors) to get that EDR and wound up with 177000 BTU using 240*EDR. That is before any piping consideration.

The contractors are mostly terrible on LI which is why I asked if you knew anyone. I no of almost no one that would reuse a contractor they hired again.

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