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Re: Burnham V-7 Woes

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Posted by JohnM on November 18, 2007 at 21:37:37:

In Reply to: Re: Burnham V-7 Woes posted by Colleen on April 05, 2007 at 17:49:21:

: : : Depending on the age of the V7 it may still be under warranty. There is also a program if the boiler is over 10 years where you get a substantial discount on a V8 (V7 replacement) or more efficient MPO boiler.

: :
: : The boiler was manufactured in 1998 according to the tag on the front panel. I bought the house with it installed, so I'm not the original purchaser.

: We just had this issue with our V7. We also bought our house with it installed (house was built in 1997). Our tag indicated it was manufactured in 1997. Burnham is covering the block replacement but not labor & misc parts(approx $1,200). However, they will be replacing it with another V7 (unless we upgrade at some cost (approx $500-$1,100) to the V8 (which I have also heard are having the same cracking issues as the V7's). Also the warranty does not get extended if you accept their replacement. You get pro-rated so if you pay the labor costs and it leaks again in a year, you're out of luck money-wise.

Hey Colleen,
Did you have to fight hard to get Burnham to cover the replacement boiler part? I've been told that I am out of luck ( I also bought a house with a V7-built in 1997 and it's leaking).

How did you get Burnham to cover the part? Whom did you contact? Thanks.....

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